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Pfizer Workshop

Strategy / Presentation / Process

Agency // Tonic

What do you do when a leading pain prevention company has market growth pain?

Pfizer’s Consumer Healthcare division has a global footprint and sells many of the world’s leading over-the-counter brands. The team approached Tonic Design to create value by looking past the normal retail channels starting with the ThermaCare brand.

"Um....this is bigger than an app...."

Initially after a number of workshops with key stakeholders at Pfizer, it was looking like an app was going to be the solution. I began to work closely with Tonic's Senior UX lead, and we poured over the discovery findings, interviews and field data. In a short period of time, it became clear to both of us that an app was too narrow of a solution.

We got back to the real reason we were interested in this project: to help people receive quality healthcare. We also believe that this should be as easy as possible. So we developed a platform that is capable of helping diverse patients through personalized contextual content, specialized forms of delivery and simple, effective follow up feedback. 

We then put together presentation documents that showed how this platform would impact five different use cases.

Project Results

Pfizer was so impressed with the thinking, rationale and execution, that they decided to use our platform as a foundation to their many top tier brands.


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