Case Study

Merck Sales Aid

UX / Design / Strategy / Prototype

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Imagine a sales platform that felt less like a tool and more like a helpful co-worker.

What if sales reps had more meaningful conversations?

Merck’s business lifeblood depends on its sales rep force persuading doctors to prescribe their drugs to patients. These sales reps are also ambassadors for the brand and advocates for the doctor and patients. Merck approached us to solve their biggest operational pain point: their sales reps didn’t really use the sales tool platform they had.

So far, Merck sales reps used the existing tool just to perform the basic duties, like scheduling appointments and viewing the address book. The preparation of a sales visit with a doctor is a very cumbersome, inexact science. Many times, the visit is based on rigid pre-scripted linear presentations. Sometimes, it’s just the whims of the day.

If precise data exists on what's important to the doctor, why should having conversations about interesting topics be so difficult? In fact, it isn’t. Here’s how we solved it.

Eliminating Post-it notes and back-of-hand scribbles

I worked closely with a UX lead, and together we designed a platform that allows the rep to have a free-flowing conversation that can pivot to any topic. We also presented contextual and relevant offers for the doctor during the conversation to ensure meaningful time spent.

More preparation equals less perspiration

To help the reps prepare for an appointment, we designed a smart module that recommends a presentation without adding visual clutter. This makes the job of the sales rep easier so they can focus more on the relationship with their doctors.

Project Results

Merck is currently testing a pilot of this tool in 3 markets - France, China, Israel. They were so enthused by initial feedback, they centered a new business unit around the platform that powers this tool. As a direct result from the project's success, our client was promoted.


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