Core Beliefs

Keys to Successful Outcomes

A few insights from my experience

To truly be revolutionary, one cannot be reactionary.

Being revolutionary does not happen by accident. That would be called “being lucky”. Being revolutionary requires strategy, commitment and most of all: conviction. These are qualities that do not occur on a whim and certainly not by reaction. In this age of data and communication, reacting to a situation exposes a deficiency in planning and strategy.

While not every outcome can be planned for, it is important to use the available tools and resources to minimize the “surprises” (which often come as last minute client feedback). With a proper plan and strategy, it creates efficiencies that will foster an environment conducive to real revolutionary solutions.

Having a solid plan is only half of the equation to successful solutions, the other half is dependent on the team, it's leadership and their ability to work together. Making sure a project has clearly defined milestones and goals, as well as each team member understanding their role and responsibility, is the foundation to ensuring a project's success and building a solid team structure.

Agencies can quickly run themselves into the ground by chasing each new shiny process, tool, or workflow, hoping to stay ahead of the curve. Experience has taught me that defining a process founded from the mission of the agency, based on the core capabilities of the team, while maintaining the ability to scale with the ebb and flow of the business economy, is the true key to success.